Aims & Purposes

//Aims & Purposes

The aims and purposes of AMCA shall be to:

  1. Strengthen mutual understanding, relationship and cooperation among the Muslim community in ASEAN.
  2. Strengthen the foundation for the prosperous and peaceful the Muslim community in ASEAN.
  3. Ensure the social program and culture development.
  4. Promote active collaboration and mutual assistance on matter of common interest.
  5. Establish and maintain close and beneficial cooperation with existing international and regional organizations with similar aims and purposes.

As a socio-religious organization in ASEAN region, AMCA supports for the developing of ASEAN community, which was announced by the Head of ASEAN member countries in 2015, and encouraged the closer relationship among the Muslim community in ASEAN region. Therefore, AMCA is open to accept members and participations of Muslim communities in Southeast Asia to jointly build a Muslim community in the ASEAN region.