International Conference on Community Development (ICCD) is an annual conference held since 2012, when the Association of Muslim Community in ASEAN (AMCA) was established. In 2021, the 8th ICCD is held by inviting scholars and practitioners around the globe to discuss community development from various perspectives and across fields of study. One of the key topics discussed is how Covid-19 affects our life and how to solve any problems associated with it.

The 8th ICCD was conducted virtually, which was presented in a different and better way. A conference is commonly held for about three to five days. In contrast, ICCD-8 was conducted for about three months from September-November 2021 in order that the presenters and participants have more time to discuss every single issue in detail. Every week there was only 1 series, consisting of 5 presenters and 1 international keynote speaker to discuss certain issues, and it ran for 8 series. In the end, one day session was held to invite some more international speakers for a plenary session, and was continued with 6 parallel sessions. More than 700 participants totally attended it. The ICCD-8 also equipped the participants with a workshop on article writing to encourage the participants to publish qualified articles in reputable international journals. The presenters and participants are from 7 countries in ASEAN such as; Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, The Philippines, Thailand, and Cambodia. Any input you think would make ICCD better now and in the future, we want to hear it!

Malang, 29 November 2021
Association of Muslim Community in ASEAN

History of AMCA

Association of Muslim Community in ASEAN (AMCA) is a forum which is created for closer relationship among the Muslim community in ASEAN region. This forum is the elaboration and implementation of the government’s plans in ASEAN countries to embody the ASEAN as a community started in 2015 and as the motto, One Vision, One Identity, and One Community.”

AMCA was founded based on the following reasons:

  • Solidarity and Cooperation– Mindful of the existence of mutual interests and common problems among the Muslim community in ASEAN of the need to strengthen further the existing bonds of regional solidarity and cooperation

  • Equality and Partnership  – Desiring to establish a firm foundation for common action to promote regional cooperation of the Muslim community in ASEAN in the spirit of equality and partnership and thereby to contribute toward peace, progress and prosperity in the region.

  • History and Culture – Conscious that in an increasingly independent world, the cherished ideals of peace, freedom, social justice and economic well-being is best attained by fostering good understanding, good neighborliness and meaningful cooperation among the Muslim community of the region already bound by history and culture.

Considering that the Muslim community in ASEAN is a large community, sharing primary responsibility on strengthening cooperation in all aspect of life to ensure peaceful and progressive regional development.


  1. Strengthen mutual understanding, relationship and cooperation among the Muslim community in ASEAN.
  2. Strengthen the foundation for the prosperous and peaceful the Muslim community in ASEAN.
  3. Ensure the social program and culture development.
  4. Promote active collaboration and mutual assistance on matter of common interest.
  5. Establish and maintain close and beneficial cooperation with existing international and regional organizations with similar aims and purposes.

As a socio-religious organization in ASEAN region, AMCA supports for the developing of ASEAN community, which was announced by the Head of ASEAN member countries in 2015, and encouraged the closer relationship among the Muslim community in ASEAN region. Therefore, AMCA is open to accept members and participations of Muslim communities in Southeast Asia to jointly build a Muslim community in the ASEAN region.

AMCA has programs for the Muslim community development in ASEAN region. AMCA programs are:

  1. Developing Education for Muslim Community.
  2. Improving the Culture and Dialogue among the Muslim Community.

Conducting   Seminars/Conferences   and   Research related   to   Developing   of   Muslim Community in ASEAN Region.