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Enlinghtening ASEAN

to strengthen the foundation for the prosperous and peaceful the Muslim community in ASEAN.

Welcome Speech

Islam is the mercy for all of ASEAN countries

We are starting a new chapter in the development of the history of Muslims in ASEAN. This is the beginning of the struggle for Islam in modern ways in accordance with the demands of modern society and the international world. The Association of Muslims on ASEAN has a goal; first, strengthening mutual understanding, relations, and cooperation among fellow ASEAN Muslim communities. Second, strengthening the foundation for a prosperous and peaceful Muslim ASEAN. Third, strengthening social progress and cultural development, encouraging collaboration and cooperation in various common interests, and fifth, creating
and maintaining beneficial cooperation with other international organizations
that have similar goals.
AMCA is not just an organization of countries in the region, but a community
with the motto “one vision, one identity, one community”. Researchers
and academics play a major role and provide unwavering support
in maturing and building a vibrant ASEAN community.

Prof. Latipun, Ph.D
General Secretary


Association of Muslim Community in ASEAN (AMCA)

Association of Muslim Community in ASEAN (AMCA) is a forum which is created for closer relationship among the Muslim community in ASEAN region. This forum is the elaboration and implementation of the government’s plans in ASEAN countries to embody the ASEAN as a community started in 2015 and as the motto, One Vision, One Identity, and One Community.”

What We Do

Programs for the Muslim community development in ASEAN region

Developing Education for Muslim Community

Facilitating Muslim and non-Muslim students in ASEAN to get proper higher education. Those who have been facilitated are from Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia.

Maintaining Harmony Inclusivity

Dialogue and understanding others culture are crucial in order to live in harmony. Therefore, the membership of AMCA is not limited to muslims only, it opens for everyone with different background of religion or race. In its activities, it also invites and involves other communities with different religion or culture.

Conducting Research, Community Service & Publication

AMCA regularly provide a research grant and publication to diseminate the results of research through conferences, seminar, etc. AMCA has its own publication (AMCA Press) which has some journals and conference proceedings.


Who We Are

Find your AMCA State Coordinator here. Or you can contact us to fullfil your needs related to AMCA.


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Let’s collaborate for the improvement of the ASEAN Muslim community. Every contribution is invaluable.


AMCA Movements and Contributions for The Community